Medicare supplements are the traditional way of covering out of pocket expenses due to Medicare cost shares! Supplements are standardized – meaning there are no differences in coverage from company to company. The differences are only found in the premium you pay and the service provided by the company.

Our professionals at Providus are constantly monitoring the supplements available so that we are able to offer our clients the most value for their premium dollar!
Here are some of the companies we represent:

Sample monthly supplement rates:
Female non-tobacco 65 years old $91.22
Male non-tobacco 65 years old $104.89
Female non-tobacco 80 years old $138.88
(these rates are with a household discount)

Contact us today to get an up to date and accurate rate quote.

Reminder – Medicare supplements do not include drug coverage. If drug coverage is needed ask us to see which Medicare drug plan will work best for you!

We have answers to these questions and many more regarding Medicare.  If you would like a personal review of your unique situation please contact our office.   Our representatives are licensed and certified with each individual carrier to give you the advice you need. Call us at 318-629-3777.