Mark Epp


My name is Mark Epp and I am originally from Tyler, TX.  I earned my Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University in 1991.  I worked in the manufacturing and welding industry for 10 years.  Upon moving to Shreveport in 1997, I met and married my lovely wife Amy.  Being raised in East Texas and not wanting to leave the Ark-La-Tex, I began considering options for staying in Shreveport.  After a couple of years of prayer and preparation, I decided to go into the financial advisory and insurance business.

In 2005, I formed Providus Financial Services as a company to handle the various life and health insurance lines that I handled as a financial advisor.  In 2009, I met Josh Knowles and began a partnership to recruit and train insurance agents to become the most competent agents in the insurance industry.  From the early beginnings in 2009, we and our team have built an agency that is rooted in the character of always doing the right thing and striving to be the best in the world at what we do.

I have been married to my wife, Amy, since 1999.  I have two sons and a daughter that are active in our church, athletics and our community.  I have served as a deacon in my church for many years and love teaching in various capacities to both adults and youth.  My desire to invest in the next generation of leaders in all areas of life; Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Vocational, as is evident in what I choose to participate in.

My hobbies include working out, music, spending time with my family, hunting, boating and lounging with my English Mastiff, Tucker.  I can be found at on the weekends at my oldest son’s music performances, my younger son’s football activities, my daughter’s soccer games, or anywhere else my kids have activities.  I am very proud of the development of our businesses which has only been successful because of the success of the agents that I have been able to work with and mentor.